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Apply Dead Flat Varnish by SamaN with the same brush you painted your piece with. You won’t see any brush marks or sheen but you will know it is protected from water and abrasions. You can apply a coat of furniture wax after it dries in order to provide a sheen. Low VOC and fast drying.

All our varnishes are water based to go with our water based paints. If you use a varnish intended for wood (not water based) then your piece will likely yellow.

Tip: If you are finding your light colour paint yellowing or going rosie after you apply varnish it is likely that the tannins are being pulled through the paint. You must apply a coat of clear shellac, repaint and then varnish. You will get to know when the wood you are painting is likely to bleed tannins and you will shellac right away or paint in a dark colour to hide it. Dead Flat is less likely to react than Satin or Glossy.

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1 litre, 16 oz

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