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Add a vintage depth to your furniture piece with the addition of antique wax. This is a dark wax that is ideally applied with a wax brush ensuring good coverage in corners and crevices where it should naturally be darker. Three sizes: 2 oz. 4 oz. and 8 oz. The Country Chic wax is very hard. If you prefer to work with a softer wax like we do, then go to the Fusion Espresso Wax or the Miss Mustard Seed Antique Wax.

Tip: When using a hard dark wax like this one, applying a thin coat of clear wax first provide a base so the dark won’t stick and get too thick. If you ever have too much dark wax, apply clear wax over it immediately and that will thin out the colour.

And just a little note: when you use a tinted wax on a sitting surface, make sure it is completely cured before you use it. Allow about 4 weeks before you sit on a dark waxed surface, otherwise you might end up with stained clothing. (Or use a glaze instead>)

Here is a before and after of a cabinet using Devotion colour paint and adding deptCabinet before antique waxh with antique wax (after first applying natural).

After using antique wax



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8 oz., 4 oz., 2 oz.

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