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Cling On brushes use Dupont Tynex bristles. There’s are one of the top filaments used in the paint industry.  Their advanced technology allows for better splitting of the end which means it holds a lot of paint and distributes paint more evenly while helping to eliminate brush strokes. The filaments won’t break and the brush that doesn’t shed.

If you use the brushes more frequently, you can actually store them wet. i.e. Store in a jar of water and then give a light rinse before use. Storing wet enhances the brushes shape retention. If you don’t store went, a light rinse prior to use is recommended.

The design and technology of the brush means these brushes have a very long life. If fact, a properly cared for brush will continue to improve its performance of the initial number of uses and continue to supply years of great performance.


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Flat 30, Oval 35, Oval 40, Oval 45 (largest)

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